Special Bombing Mission: Jill - Our Love Drop Recipient!

Hey team,

I’ve got some crazy exciting news!

This week, we are dropping a Love Bomb on a woman named Jill.

If you haven’t heard yet, we have a new sister project called Love Drop. You can check it out here. Thanks to Love Drop, you can change another life with just one dollar per month. So cool.

Anyway, January is our first month for Love Drop, and Jill is our Love Drop recipient! So, this week we are merging our teams together, in true ItStartsWith.Us fashion, to leave some love and encouragement for Jill and her family.

Jill is a single mom with three kids, who used to have a career in the mortgage industry. Unfortunately, she lost her job suddenly, and with no high school diploma, couldn’t find any work. She lost her home, and Bridge Communities helped her and her kids find a place to live. She’s an unbelievably resilient woman, and got her GED and her Bachelors, and landed a new job.

She just moved into a new place of her own this past year, and 2 months later it burned down, and she lost literally everything. Homeless for the second time, she and her kids moved into another Bridge House last week. Yeah, wow.

I admire and respect Jill for everything she’s been through, and the outrageous amount of work and diligence she’s shown in keeping her head up and providing for her kids as a single mom. Please take a second and join me in commenting your love, support, and encouragement for Jill. She has experienced extreme loss in a way that most of us never will, and community is everything to her.

You can leave a comment for her on our Love Drop blog, featuring Jill, right here! http://www.lovedrop.us/blog/a-little-more-love

Time to drop a Love Bomb, guys!

Thank you so much for changing the world with me, every single week. Much love.


P.S. Jill is located in Chicago. If you are in the area, Love Drop has ways for you to help her out! Go here for more info.

Bombing Mission: Eden, lost sister in car accident, adopted her baby.

Hey team,

This week we will be dropping a Love Bomb on a woman named Eden. She was suggested to us by one of our team members, Sandi.

This is what Sandi had to say:

"Eden’s little sister and her little sister’s husband were killed in a freak car accident in late August but their baby (only 6 weeks old) survived. Eden and her husband stepped forward and adopted the little girl but Eden is struggling with the loss of her little sister. Eden is an incredible person with a gift for photography. With this gift she was able to capture Merin and Michael and has given invaluable memories to both the families. It would be so great if we could remind her of just how wonderful she is as she takes on raising Ysa while struggling with the loss of her sister and brother-in-law."

I think that about sums it up, guys. I have been so encouraged and inspired by how selflessly Eden has been through this whole ordeal. Adding the stress of a new and unexpected child must compound the difficulty of losing a sibling.

Please join me in giving your love, comfort and encouragement to Eden and her precious family.

You can comment on her blog here: http://edenlang.blogspot.com/2011/01/so-sweet-in-pink.html

Time to drop a Love Bomb, guys! Much love.


P.S. Eden is located in Calgary. If you are in the area, feel free to get in touch with her and offer any help that you are moved to give! I love seeing Love Bomb go local. 

Bombing Mission: Sonia, single mother of child with brain tumor

Note: Have you checked out LoveDrop yet? It’s a new project we’re doing and yes, it’s awesome. Check it out here: LoveDrop.Us

- - -

Hey team,

This week is a joint mission with the ItStartsWith.Us team! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season. It’s good to be back!

We will be dropping a Love Bomb on a woman named Sonia. She is a single mother of a 4 year old with a brain tumor. She was suggested to us by one of our team members, Chris.

This is what he had to say:

"Ann is 4 and was diagnosed with a brain tumor 7 months ago. Ann is now under hospice care. She lives with Sonia at Sonia’s ex boyfriend’s house as she does not work and needed a place to live to help care for Ann. She’s really going through a rough time and I fear it won’t be long before Ann is gone. She just started a blog and I think it would be awesome if she got comments from others."

Sonia mentions how hard it is to go through all of this without having a significant other to lean on, and I can’t imagine having my world consumed with hospital visits, hospice, medication, and everything that she is going through.

Please join me in being a community of love, support, comfort & encouragement for Sonia.

You can leave a comment on her blog here: http://s0nn07.blogspot.com/2011/01/chapter-friends.html

Time to drop a Love Bomb, guys! Much love.


PS. Unfortunately, Sonia’s blog does not have anonymous commenting enabled. If you do not have a blogger or wordpress profile, I encourage you to take a moment and sign up at http://www.blogger.com or www.wordpress.com. Both are free, and only take a moment, and all you have to provide is your name and email address. It’s well worth it, and you don’t have to “blog” to have a blogging account. Feel free to reply to this email and contact me if you have problems. Thanks, guys!

Bombing Mission: Lehua, lost dad & grandpa, 2nd grandpa on life support.

Hey team,

My apologies for the mission coming a bit late today. I’ve got a killer sinus/headcold and it’s been quite the day! ‘Tis the season. :)

This week, our Love Bomb recipient was suggested by one of our team members, Michelle.

This is what she had to say about Lehua, a woman who just lost her dad and paternal grandpa, and whose maternal grandpa is now on life support:

"My heart hurts for my dear blog friend, Lehua. She has been through so much the past few months. She could really use some comfort and loving words."

Lehua held herself together through the first two deaths this season, but this is what she said on her blog on Monday:

"This was my breaking point. I’ve been crying uncontrollably, I can’t really eat, or do any work. My mind is scatterbrained and I just really have fallen apart. There comes a time in life where you think you’ve reached your lowest lows. And I cannot imagine it getting much worse than this."

Alright, team. You know what to do. Lehua needs our love.

Please join me in leaving comments of comfort and encouragement for her on her blog post here: http://www.thegirlandboy.com/2010/12/on-life.html

Time to drop a Love Bomb, guys! Much love.


P.S. Comment moderation is enabled on this blog post, but you can still post with a blog account or anonymously (without an account of any sort). Please go ahead and comment, and they will appear as soon as she confirms them!

Bombing Mission: Trisha, military husband overseas.

Hey team,

This week we will be dropping a Love Bomb on a woman named Trisha.

Her husband is in the military and recently tried to take his life due to the overwhelming stress and pain. She has been an incredible wife taking care of him and fighting to keep their marriage healthy. After only 2 months home on medical leave due to his mental and emotional health, he has been sent back overseas.

Trisha is in a hard place, struggling with being alone, fearing for her husband, her feelings of guilt, and the painful dynamics of their marriage.

She posted last week, admitting that she has kept her pain to herself and needs to start sharing her life again. She has asked for strength and support in where she is, and I want us to be the community that gives this to her. In the past when she has shared her story, she dealt with people saying hurtful things against her and her husband. I want Trisha to know there are women in her shoes, and people that love her through her honest struggles.

Please take a moment to join me in commenting on her blog post: http://trishaverma.com/2010/11/28/please/

Time to drop a Love Bomb, team. Much love.


Bombing Mission: Vee, lost her husband.

Hey team,

This week’s mission was incredibly hard to choose. I am reminded every single day by all of your submissions how many people are hurting and are in need of a close friend to be with them, encourage them, and help them keep their chin up. There is more hurt and loss than I can fathom. 

We are dropping a Love Bomb today on a young woman named Vee. Two weeks ago, her husband died in a hunting accident. She is in her 3rd trimester, and has two little ones already.

I don’t think I need to say much. Her blog post is heart wrenching, and I am simply grateful for being able to comfort her and love on her alongside all of you.

Please join me in commenting on her blog post here: http://veronking2003.blogspot.com/2010/12/bittersweet.html

Time to drop a Love Bomb, guys. Much love.


Special Bombing Mission! Elizabeth + EpicThanks

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Today’s mission is a joint mission, so this means that both the ItStartsWith.Us team and the Love Bomb team are both dropping the Love Bomb!

Before I get started, though, I want to drop in a note from Estrella, an incredible woman who has graciously planned an event to honor Nate in all that he does. I will be heading to Chicago this weekend to join them and others for an EpicThanks dinner(!), and Estrella has a few words and a favor to ask of you to help make the event complete:

"Hey there incredible ItStartWith.Us & Love Bomb team! Have a few minutes to spare for an extra special mission this week? #EpicThanks Chicago is honoring Nate St. Pierre for his - and YOURS - changemaking work with ItStartsWith.Us. Let him know what being involved with ItStartsWith.Us & Love Bomb have brought to your life by dropping a bomb of gratitude on him here: epicthankschicago.eventbrite.com  

Please take a moment to go thank Nate for the countless hours and unrelenting energy he puts into being an incredible servant and leader. It is much owed, and I personally want to ask you to honor a good, good man. 

Moving along! The woman we will be dropping a Love Bomb on today is in the final stages of a terminal illness. 

She was suggested to us by one of our team members, Shelli. This is what Shelli had to say about Elizabeth: 

"Elizabeth is a young woman with a terminal illness (end stage) who has chosen to spend her remaining days working on The Postcard Project.  This is where she designs and sends out caring, uplifting postcards to anyone who needs a little pick me up.  However, for as many postcards as she sends out, she receives very few replies.  It would be wonderful for her to get a Love Bomb, to let her know that people know and care about her."

Guys, Elizabeth has sent out over FIVE THOUSAND postcards, to people all over the world who need encouragement and love. Five thousand. I have been challenged and moved to tears by this woman’s heart and dedication to making the most of what she has left.

Please, please join me in showering Elizabeth with your comfort, your love, your encouragement - and let her know how inspiring she is. What a woman.

You can comment on her blog, The Postcard Project, here: efmpostcardproject.blogspot.com

Time to drop two Love Bombs, team! Let’s give thanks where it is due.


P.S. If you would like to send a postcard to Elizabeth, please shoot an email to dropalovebomb@gmail.com

Bombing Mission: Cassie, hurt & betrayed

Note: I will be doing more video updates and writing for the ItStartsWith.Us blog on a regular basis! Check out my first video update here! 

- - -

Hey team!

Today we are dropping a Love Bomb on one of our own: Cassie!

Cassie was suggested to us by another team member, Catherine. This is what Catherine had to say:

"I’ve gone to school with Cassie since Kindergarten and she has always been shy. While we’ve gone to different colleges, we’ve tried to keep each other updated as much as possible through email and blogs. She’s the one who introduced me to the Love Bomb project. This afternoon she got a call that her grandmother passed away. Also, she just had a huge argument with a girl who has acted like her friend for the past year and just turned around and stabbed her in the back a week ago. Cassie is normally a very optimistic person but lately she’s been having trouble being positive in her life in general. Could you guys please help remind her that there are amazing people out there who might not know her but they care about her?"  

Oh, my heart. In Cassie’s blog post she talks a little bit more about how quickly she gets taken back to her insecurities and hurts caused by friends in middle school. It can be so easy to see how painful things like cancer, losing someone, or physical injury are, yet we often forget to comfort one another in the internal pain we ourselves have all experienced from poor friends and our younger years.

This week must be so hard for Cassie, doubling up both types of pain.

Please join me in reminding Cassie that she is loved and valued, and that she’s not the only shy girl who has struggled with hurt, betrayal and feeling left out - and comforting her as her grandmother just passed away yesterday.

You can leave a comment on her blog post here: http://kick-it-swim-it-stroke-it-08.xanga.com/735296300/revist-and-cooping/

Time to drop a Love Bomb, team!


Bombing Mission: Sandy, 26 - In Hospital with Cancer & Lupus

Note: We love having our online community go hands-on! If you live in Murfreesboro/Nashville, TN & would like to do something for Sandy, her husband or 2 young children, you can! Reply to this email if you have an idea!

- - -

Hey team!

I am so excited for today’s Love Bomb mission!

We are dropping a Love Bomb on a 26 year old wife and mother of two children.

She was suggested to us by Rhonda, one of our team members.

Sandy has been fighting aggressive Systemic Lupus for the past 4 years, but was just diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma Cancer.

She was admitted into the hospital a couple days ago, and her husband blogged in her behalf, sharing that she was in a lot of pain and giving details on her current medical state. It isn’t looking good for her. 

Her husband Andy mentioned in his post that, “Sandy does enjoy visitors and cards or just thoughts and prayers.

I got in touch with Andy and guess what we’re doing this week?! We will be leaving comments on her blog, and he has agreed to print them off for her to take them to her in the hospital.

Those of you who have spent days in the hospital know how lonely, boring and unsettling it can be. This will be such a wonderful encouragement and surprise for her!

Please join me in leaving some love for Sandy on her blog here: http://lovelylupie.blogspot.com/2010/11/andys-update.html

Time to drop a Love Bomb, team!